Frequently Asked Questions


Occasionally, an older computer may not have all of the dependecy files needed to run the HR Quik Program.  When downloading the program, if you receive an error message that says, "Matrices Error", then you will want to click on this link to download the necessary dependency files.  Generally, the MDAC file is the one that is needed.

Why do I need to buy a system to manage my employee data?

HR Quik is a Human Resource Management System that simplifies the processes and procedures of tracking employee information and generating forms that are critical to the employment process.  Some of the benefits are:

  • A human resource information system (HRIS) will save time and make the HR process easy!
  • Many small businesses do not have processes and procedures for tracking employee information.
  • Some companies might use a spreadsheet and others might use paper forms
    • Information is not accessible for reports and analysis of data is nearly impossible!
    • Information is not located in one central place.
    • Data must be typed over and over in forms.  This leads to a risk of errors and mistakes.
  • Many companies do not have forms in place to hire new employees or terminate employment.
    • Are you protected against legal action by having the proper forms in place?
    • Are offer letters being presented to employees upon hire?
    • Do you have to fumble around looking for copies of forms when an employee begins work or resigns?
  • Salary and Job History is difficult to track without a simple HR system to do the work for you.
    • Without the right system, you must search the employee file to find the information about salary and job history.
    • Maybe forms are in the file and maybe not – it’s common to have stacks of forms waiting to be filed.
  • When an employee completes the forms, they have to hand write their name and personal information many times.
    • Some handwriting is hard to read.  This leads to errors.
    • Hand written information is cumbersome and time consuming!
    • Information needs to be entered multiple times in various systems such as benefits, payroll, offer letter, etc.
  • HR Processes and procedures are in place.
    • Enter the employee data in one place.
  • Necessary information is merged into offer letters, New Hire Documents, Termination Forms, etc.
    • Enter the data one time and let the system do the rest of the work.  SAVE TIME!
      • Import into other systems such as payroll.
      • If you currently type the employee data in an offer letter or other document, this system will provide the flexibility to use that data in many other ways.

What types of data does HR Quik track?

HR Quik provides a comprehensive solution to track all critical employee data:

    * Employee Account information including addresses, phone contact, etc.
    * Job Title, supervisor that will track history of changes
    * Salary information, per pay period rates with history of changes
    * Benefits selections including the total cost of benefit plan to the company, monthly cost to employee and monthly cost to company
    * Task assignment section with calendar
    * Dependent Information
    * Equal Employment Opportunity data
    * Track employees who have Visas
    * Track FMLA leaves
    * Performance Reviews
    * Education
    * Track employee leaves

What size of company is right for HR Quik?

Small to mid-sized companies would be ideal for HR Quik.  There is not a limit of employee accounts that can be entered, so some large companies might also be interested in using HR Quik. All industries can use HR Quik. It is perfect for manufacturing, services, construction, retail, credit unions, legal, medical, non profit, and many others.

Can I install and set-up HR Quik?

HR Quik installs and functions like other Microsoft programs. HR Quik is a simple to use program designed for non-technical users. The basic set-is complete. Either you, or Data Ingenuity, can import your employee information and other contact information.

Can I import my employee information so that I do not have to re-key it?

Yes. In order to reduce the re-keying of employee information HR Quik will allow your employee data to be imported from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. HR Quik includes an import template and process.

Can I export my employee information to other systems?

Yes. You should not have to enter data more than one time.  We have determined that companies generally enter data about four times on average.

  • First, data is entered into whatever tracking system is in place such as a spreadsheet.
  • Second, data is entered in the offer letter.
  • Third, data is entered into the payroll system.
  • Fourth, data is entered into the benefits system.

Why not just enter the data into HR Quik and then export to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet so that the data can then be imported in any other system? HR Quik creates the export spreadsheet using fields that you choose.

Can HR Quik be installed on a server?

HR Quik can be installed directly to a desktop computer or on a network.  We recommend that it be installed to a network so that more than one person can access the data.  HR Quik comes with a complete security function that requires passwords.  Users can also be defined with the level of security rights they need such as Administrator, Regular or Read Only.

Can I create reports in HR Quik?

Yes. HR Quik has a Report tab that contains many pre-determined reports. HR Quik also comes with a unique tool to define your own reports.  Once you click on the Quik Data tab, you will be able to choose which fields you would like on a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.  You can preview this report right while you are working or you can export the report to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.  It is designed to be extremely simple to get data from the system!

Can I use my own forms in HR Quik?

Yes. HR Quik offers a standard set of forms such as Offer Letters, New Hire Documents, Termination Forms, Payroll Notices, and even an Employment Application.  You can use these forms and/or use your own documents.  HR Quik provides a function to attach your specific company documents into the system and merge data fields from the system into your forms.  You can also assign your forms to a process such as New Hire.  For example, your specific forms can be automatically generated with the employee name, address, salary, etc. when the New Hire process button is clicked.

Can I make sure that no one else can see the confidential information?

Yes. HR Quik is password driven. There is a full security system so you can block individuals from accessing confidential employee information.  Users to the system can be defined with access rights such as Administrator, Regular, or Read Only.

Can I get a demo of HR Quik?

To download a demo version of HR Quik please select Download Demo from the toolbar on our website. This demo will allow you to enter up to three employees.  The forms provided by Data Ingenuity are not included with the demo.  Only sample templates will be generated when processes are chosen such as New Hire, or Termination of employment.

If I have a question is there product support available?

HR Quik offers a support and maintenance option. Our optional annual support programs include unlimited email support plus version updates. Version updates refer to updates within your purchased version series such as from 3.0 to 3.0.1.