HR Quik is a Human Resource Management System that simplifies the processes and procedures of tracking employee information and generating forms that are critical to the employment process.

  • When you want to hire a new employee, just click on the New Hire button and the system will step you through a simple process and even merge the employee data into Microsoft Word documents that pop up automatically so all you have to do is print the documents.
  • Terminating the employment of an employee is just as easy! Just click the Terminate button and the process is automatic. Simply complete a couple of necessary fields and when you press save, the termination documents will be generated on the screen so all you have to do is print!
  • HR Quik provides thorough sample forms and documents such as offer letters, new hire and termination documents including Employee Exit Interview Surveys. You can use these documents or use your own company forms and letters. The system allows you to merge any data into your documents by using pre-defined merge codes. So, either way, the process is completed correctly—with HR Quik documents or your own documents.
  • Reports are easy. There are system generated reports that can be exported to Microsoft Excel or you can create your own custom reports using the Quik Data feature. You decide what fields you would like on a spreadsheet your report will be created. Once you have data in a spread sheet, you can perform many types of analysis such as What-if Scenarios, pivot tables, and formatting for your particular audience.
  • HR Quik will track the salary and job history of each employee. Each time a change occurs, the prior information will be saved on the main screen for easy review.
  • Track the benefit plans that each employee has chosen with the associated costs of the particular plan defined by the company portion, employee portion, and total cost. Costs will coincide with the benefits participation level that the employee chooses such as “Employee Only”, “Employee + Family”, etc. Multiple benefit plans can be defined in the HR Quik system.
  • Update training and license information at one time for all employees.  Also track renew dates for trainings and licenses.

HR Quik makes the human resources processes simple for the employee and the company! The forms are thorough and with all the data merged into the form, the employee is only left with checking a few boxes and signing their name occasionally.

Click here to download a demo version of HR Quik.

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  • Employee data can now be managed with a simple system that will automate the functions of hiring a new employee or terminating employment.
  • Just click the button and the system will do the rest including prepare forms that are merged with the employee data and are ready to print.
  • Click, enter required data, print, and distribute the forms. It’s the easiest system that exists!

Key Benefits

  • Track history of job, salary, and supervisor changes.
  • Track benefit plans by employee. See total costs, company costs and employee costs.
  • Employment forms are generated by the system and are ready to print. Use form that are provided with the system or use your own.
  • Reports are simple to run!
  • All current data can be easily imported.

Included Forms

Offer Letters for Exempt, Non-Exempt, Stock, Relocation, etc.

  • New Hire Documents
  • Termination Forms
  • Exit Interview Forms
  • Employee Surveys
  • Checklists