Video Walkthroughs of HR Quik

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HR Quik Overview Controller

View a short 5 minute screencast tutorial about how HR Quik works and see the various features that it can do!

New Hire Process Controller

See a short 7 minute screencast video showing how easy it is to hire a new employee using the HR Quik program.

Quik Data Reports Controller

Running reports is critical in an Employee Database system.  It must be quick and easy to do.  See a 3 minute screencast video showing how to run reports using the HR Quik program.

Quik Review Training Config

See how Data Ingenuity can help you perform and track employee performance evaluations using the Quik Review tool.  See this 4.5 minute screencast video showing the the Quik Review product.

Termination Process

Hr Quik will make the administrative side of employee terminations consistent and simple.  See this  3 minute screencast video about how HR Quik does employee terminations.