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Counselor Apply Now

This position will work with an assigned caseload of clients in the Nashville Rescue Mission's Recovery Program.  They are tasked with providing clients a biblical approach to helping them develop mentally, physically spiritually, and emotionally through encouragement, counseling, teaching/coaching, discpline and mentoring. Qualified candidates will be highly trained professionals who operate from a biblical framerwork with at least a BS/BA in Theology, Social Services, Social Services, Counseling or other related fields plus experience in biblical recovery. Master's Degree preferred

  • Counselees are being transformed through the ministry and the changes are observable, and within the recovery contest, ministry reveals successful program completion percentages.
  • Clients’ recovery progress is documented through written goal setting and achievements including case notes and progress reports, written with every session.  These notes are easily readable by supervisors and other counseling staff.
  • Treats clients and staff with gentleness, dignity and respect at all times. There are relatively few ongoing complaints from the staff and clients about balance, judgment and fair mindedness.
  • Follow staff policies regarding interaction with and information about clients and their families and any outside agencies, especially regarding confidentiality and communication rules.
  • Mentors with a balance of compassion (grace) and confrontation (truth) with reliance on the Spirit and the Word of God and conducts self in such a manner as to be a mature Christian role model and treat clients with gentleness, dignity and respect at all times.
  • Potential client relapse and impending crises are discussed with supervisor immediately, with problems identified, and solutions proposed.
  • Provides a safe and secure environment for clients.
  • Upholds recovery program rules and policies with consistency.
  • Supports the Mission Statement and Values of the Nashville Rescue Mission.
  • Supports, cooperates with, and implements specific procedures and programs for the Nashville Rescue Mission.
  • Confidentiality of all data, including resident, employee and operations data.
Located In:
Guest Services Specialist - 32 hours per week (2nd shift Wednesday - Saturday) Apply Now

Women's Campus  Wednesday through Saturday 2:30-11:30PM 


Essential Duties:

1.       Several times a shift, walks throughout the building checking for locked doors, performing bed checks, and appropriately dealing with any rule violations and unsafe or unsanitary conditions.

2.       Speaks with guests as needed to make corrections in action regarding rule violations.

3.       Evaluates emergency situations and handles them when the shift supervisor is not in the immediate area.

4.       Writes incident reports of any problem situations or incidents and makes shift supervisor aware of situation.

5.       Attends staff meetings as assigned by the Director.

6.       Follows Mission policies regarding client confidentiality, and other staff rules designed to protect clients.

7.       Maintains order in the building.

8.       Answers incoming phone calls and direct accordingly.

9.       Monitors security cameras for Women’s Campus.

10.   Allows access to those authorized to enter the building, staff, clients/guests, program, Transitional House, volunteers, community service and law officers.

11.   Monitors fire and burglar systems.

12.   Serves as a personal witness for Jesus Christ and shares the Gospel with clients/guests.


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Program Specialist 1 (Weekend Second Shift available) Apply Now

Job Summary:

To communicate the gospel and model Christian character to the clients, providing spiritual leadership and counseling to help the men overcome life-defeating problems.

Essential Duties:

1.      Monitor, and readily correct when necessary, client conduct, insuring that the rules and standards of operation are followed, which entails, a good working knowledge of the rules himself.

2.      Maintain close communication with the weekday staff, especially when there are weekend problems.

3.      Conduct aftercare groups, and preach and teach as needed.

4.      Closely oversee the weekend visitation, insuring that the guidelines are followed.

5.      Be as open and available as possible to all the program clients not necessarily walking the floor constantly, but widely and frequently being seen about in the dayroom, in the dining room, the office, etc.

6.      Handle the counseling needs as they arise, which obviously, will often mean “putting a band aid” on the problem until the client’s primary counselor is available early the following week.

7.      Maintain a close working relationship with the guest services staff. 

Located In:
Womens Campus, Nashville